Smileys Boat Repair - Had to get Mesa police to get our boat back!

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Had to get Mesa police to get our boat back!by Gotscrewed - 02/09/2013Smiley picked our boat up from Lake Pleasant and charged us on the invoice for the return back to the lake.

He did some shoddy repairs and rewrote a new invoice and deleted off the return of the boat even though we paid for it. But before we found all this out we had him store our 27' Searay under covered storage, or so we thought. We made a surprise visit only to find our beautiful teak wood being destroyed by the AZ summer weather. No cover, not even the full cover that was in the boat or the smaller cover.

It was full of dirt and destroyed the interior. We had already paid our bill in full over $2500 and decided we needed to get it out of there quick. He wouldn't release the boat to us as he insisted we pay another $40 for storage and sign a release form stating that the boat is in the same condition as when we gave him the repair. OMG really.

We said no way as you destroyed our boat. He put our boat inside and locked it up so we couldn't get it until we signed that paper he made up. At that point the Mesa Police had to be called in as he was stealing our boat. Two squad cars responded and made him give us back our boat.

It has cost us over $7000 in repairs to fix what he destroyed.

Stay away!!!And now Smiley go ahead and write a good review about yourself, just like you have in the past.

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